Wind Energy

EJRE is working to develop a number the wind energy farms in the MENA region. We have chosen sites for our projects in MENA Region by involving National Energy Research Centers (NERCs) in each country and commissioning independent experts and commercial expertise to ensure our projects are sympathetically integrated into their local environment while making sure that the project are economically competitive.

MENA Countries have different legal and financial systems. EJRE, as a regional developer, liaise with local partners to find potential and suitable Wind sites. EJRE uses its experience in negotiating land rights and power purchase agreements, taking projects through the consenting process, and making sure that environmental impact of the project is well assessed.

We are working on developing four wind farms with a total capacity of about 500 MW in different areas in MENA, and hope to start realizing them during the coming years.

Our projects are in the negotiation phase with the local authorities.